“I am Hong Kong Electrician” – Advantages

Quality Assurance

Unsuccessful, No Charge.

Plus 180 days free maintenance guarantee (subject to terms and conditions)

Professional Team

Our company is the registered electrical contractor (RN# 035478) of the HK Electrical Engineering Department. Licensed Electrician provide electrical engineering services, which are safe and reliable. Inquiries are welcome.

Accumulated more than 10 years of experience in electrical maintenance and improvement (including homes, offices, shops, buildings, schools)

Professional team provides fast and accurate quotation and process follow-up

Effective Process

Using high-quality power brand materials, including Schneider, Clipsal, Philips, etc.

Using the latest electrical maintenance technology, effectively shorten the process time, greatly reducing the impact of daily living and work needs

Frequently Encountered Problems When Looking for an Electrician in Hong Kong

Electricians charge different fees :

The lack of standards for electrical engineering costs has resulted in a very high difference quoted by electricians, and customers often find it difficult to choose, and it even takes a lot of time to compare quotations.

The craftsmanship of the electrician is uneven :

There are many electricians in the market, and it is difficult for customers to distinguish the pros and cons of the electricians. If an inappropriate electrician is chosen, it will be difficult to guarantee the quality of the electrician project.

3. Difficulty in monitoring the progress of the project:

When a customer is in the process of electrical engineering, it is usually difficult for the customer to grasp the progress of the project and is not clear about the progress of the project.

4. Bad attitude of electrician

The attitude of electrician is also a concern of many customers. Many electrician in the market have problems of impoliteness and unpunctuality, and customers are prone to have a bad service experience during the electrician project.

The Difference of “I am Hong Kong Electrician” Limited

We understand that the above-mentioned problems will definitely exist in the electricity maintenance industry. We do not agree with the above practices, “I am Hong Kong Electrician” Limited advocates highly transparent projects and insists on strict selection of excellent electrician masters to cooperate.

  1. Uniform charging standards:

Our quotation will clearly list each charge, and there will be no hidden consumption. For example, most of the materials separately calculated by electrical companies.

2. Small project:

We charge based on the length of the project, with a minimum consumption of 1 hour, which also includes the round-trip transportation time of the electrician. If there are additional charges due to the complexity of electrical engineering project, “I am Hong Kong Electrician” Limited will only continue after obtaining the customer’s consent.

3. Only work with high-quality masters:

“I’m Hong Kong Electrician” Limited only cooperates with high-quality electricians. Before deciding to cooperate, we will check the relevant professional certificates and past experience of the electricians.

4. Update project progress regularly:

We will conduct regular site visits to ensure the quality and completion of the electrical engineering project, and update the progress of the electrical engineering project to the guests regularly.

5. Pay attention to guest feelings

We attach great importance to customer experience. Therefore, when we select electricians, in addition to examining their craftsmanship and experience, we also value their characters, to ensure that they are reliable and honest in their work, so as to eliminate bad habits.

6. More assurance of engineering quality

We not only provide electrical engineering, but also supervises the charges of each project and the responsible electricians. When customers encounter problems or are not satisfied with our work, customers can report it to us at any time. Therefore, customers do not have to worry about finding the responsible electrician after the electrician project is completed.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

7. More convenient to contact us

After understanding the customer’s needs, we will have a dedicated person responsible for making improvements, which avoids the lengthy process of the traditional Hong Kong electrical company. When the customer has any questions about the project or the quotation, we can get our prompt reply.

8. More convenient service

In addition to electrical engineering service, if customers need other minor issues in their daily lives, they can also match up with the nearest experts to get the fastest service.

Let us work for you to build a safe and comfortable power environment.