“I am Hong Kong Electrician” – Service

“I am Hong Kong Electrician” Limited provides electrical maintenance. Strive to build a safe and comfortable electricity environment for Hong Kong. No job is too small. Electricity safety & effectiveness is our priority.

Electric engineering service involves various work processes that can be very complicated. If you don’t know much about it, you may wish to seek the help of a professional electrical engineering company “I am a Hong Kong Electrician” to ensure that the quality of the project is effectively guaranteed, and to prevent unscrupulous electricians, and even less there are home safety issues or hidden risks.

All electricians from “I am Hong Kong Electrician” Limited hold a HK registered electrician license and “I am Hong Kong Electrician” Limited is an electrical contractor registered and approved by the HK Electrical and Mechanical Services Department. It fully complies with the relevant government laws and regulations and provides safe, effective, reasonable and legal power projects for users. , Indoor power maintenance and installation services.

Home electrical maintenance
One-stop electric engineering services, from power design, wire deployment, to actual cable pulling and installation of electrical switches and power sockets, to cooperate with other hydropower engineers in the construction.

Electrical engineering personnel who hold a registered electrician license carefully inspect, install and repair three-phase electrical boxes, single-phase electrical boxes, small overload circuit breakers, and leakage circuit breakers

Home electricity inspection, repair, installation and replacement:

  • Install light pipes, energy saving lamps, LED lights, lighting systems
  • Fuse Box
  • Replace the power socket
  • Wire installation
  • Replace electric box, power socket
  • Power supply and lighting system-fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent lamps, LED lights
  • Electricity inspection
  • Power equipment installation

Commercial power maintenance improvement
Provide electricity maintenance for offices, shops, buildings, and schools. Offer commercial power inspection, power maintenance and power troubleshooting services

Commercial power inspection, repair, installation and replacement:

  • Lighting system
  • Plug/socket
  • Wire installation changes
  • Replace the electric box
  • Replace the power socket
  • Application for electricity meter on behalf of customers
  • Make a power engineering plan
  • Electrical engineering wiring diagram
  • Car EV Charger
  • solar power charger
  • Steal electricity search

“Don’t know what to do” maintenance

Simply provide a brief description of what you want, or share about your electricity problems, and attach photos or videos that you think are suitable. Our attentive and dedicated customer support will answer everything for you and help you deal with it in the simplest way.

Who & Why us

Because the industry is relatively loose and the electrician market is not highly regular, it has caused an imbalance and disconnection of supply and demand for many years. In addition, the fees and process standards are different, users and the industry have their own opinions, and their opinions are different. The general voice in the market is that good electricians are hard to find, and the waiting time for small projects is too long.

We are a team of electricians with confidence, enthusiasm and rich work experience. “I’m Hong Kong Electrician” Limited. has senior electricians and quality inspection personnel.

Our Value:

  • Electrical engineering personnel must have extensive work experience
  • Electrical engineering personnel must have excellent craftsmanship, be honest and polite
  • Electrician pairing is fast! There is engineering insurance! Quality verification before completion!

Our Disagree:

  • Unreasonable charges for electrical engineering to make huge profits
  • Inferior electrical engineering craftsmanship
  • Dishonest and rude work attitude

We are a team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love our work and are passionate about our work. Hope to help people and bring work satisfaction home.